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    Serving Templeton & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Templeton

    You may have heard that San Luis Obispo, California was named the third best place to live in America; well, some people feel that Templeton, a small community just north of San Luis, deserves some of the credit. Templeton is a community that enjoys great weather, low crime rates, plenty of wineries, and a great proximity to the Pacific Ocean. Templeton is a growing community, as people are moving to the central coast, looking for the best place to live in the country. But people moving to Templeton is nothing new. Unlike most of California, Templeton was not built by chance, it was not the invention of a gold rush, Spanish missions, or large migration. Templeton was intentionally created by a few wealthy men, who saw prime real estate, and jumped on the opportunity.

    These men knew that the railroad was planning to build a depot in Templeton, and they knew that when people heard of a great area, with great land for homes, crops, and cattle, nearby established places like San Luis Obispo, and the undeniable beauty of Central California, they would want to buy. That sounds familiar; Templeton could tutor other small towns in remaining a top real estate destination.

    Annie L. Morrison and John H. Hayden wrote a book called, San Luis Obispo County and Environs, in 1917. In it Morrison wrote, "Nowhere on earth is there a more beautiful spot, with the distant blue mountains; the rounded hills covered in spring with wild oats, were not cultivated; the wide, park-like valley dotted with immense oaks; the Salinas river, with its tree-fringed banks—alders, willows, sycamores and oaks—and spicewood breathing its fragrance on the air. . . . Templeton is now coming into its own."

    While Templeton has grown and changed, quite a bit remains the same. The rolling hills still capture the imagination, a final hint of what the land looked like untamed. The massive oaks still tower overhead, some old enough to have been seen by Morrison; and the Salinas river still runs, after a good rain. If you ask the older residents about Templeton, they will tell you of those simpler times; stories that echo of an age gone by, stories of ranches and farms run with horses and early tractors. Some of those same ranches and farms still exists today, with generations of “Templeton natives,” still running them; stories of the last Native Americans to roam the hills, and the last railroad cars to stop at the old depot; stories of brothers stealing banana trucks, old swimming holes and hang outs, and boys on bicycles causing trouble. Well, maybe some things never change. But there’s one thing every Templetonian would say; to them, it really is the best place to live in all of America.

    Templeton Tutors want every student get back to the heart of learning. If your child needs help in school, a Templeton tutor might be the answer. Templeton tutors believe every child deserves a chance to succeed.

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