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Serving Southampton & All Surrounding Areas

BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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About Southampton

According to Southampton tutors the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation (SASF) is one of a handful of animal shelters that are assisting in housing homeless animals that were rescued from Puerto Rico following the violent hurricane named Maria that ravaged the U.S territory in September 2017.

The animals that will soon be arriving in Southampton are from the “El Faro de Los Animales” (Animal Lighthouse Rescue) animal shelter located near San Juan in Puerto Rico. In order to bring the animals to safety, a private plane was chartered from Puerto Rico to the Francis S. Gabreski Airport in Westhampton Beach. According to local news, a local donor who wanted to remain anonymous made the payment for the plane charter.

The SASF will be accepting thirty-two dogs and two cats, from the planeload of animals, which included seventy dogs and forty-five cats in total. The remainder of the animals have been successfully allocated and will be housed by other shelters in New Jersey and New York. The Southampton Animal Shelter’s care of the animals will begin once the dogs and cats have undergone a short quarantine period, and they have been checked over thoroughly by local veterinarians.

This is not the only time that the SASF has stepped up to assist in such circumstances. They pride themselves on housing not only local strays, but taking in strays from all over the world. They do profess that ultimately their responsibility is to their immediate community and they prioritize local stray pets and owner surrenders from the township. The statistics show that they have been highly successful in their work; in the last year they were successful in re-homing over two hundred owner surrenders.

The Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation has developed their very own rescue program and when they have an open kennel, they actively look to house animals from other overcrowded shelters. Their first call will be to local animal shelters on Long Island, and then to nearby New York City. They have recently joined forces with a rescue team “Callie’s Rescue” that saves dogs from high-kill shelters in Georgia. Before the hurricane they were already working with friends in Puerto Rico to help save the street dogs that roamed the streets of Puerto Rico. According to Southampton tutors they are also very determined to assist in the adoption of animals that have survived puppy mills which is an ongoing problem in the area and all across the United States. Dogs that have been rescued from puppy mills or farms are often malnourished and have suffered from unsanitary conditions and have not received the appropriate medicines or recommended shots from veterinarians. This is particularly tragic for the mother who is often given no recovery time between producing litters and becomes very weak and physically depleted.

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