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Serving North Hempstead & All Surrounding Areas

BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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North Hempstead history tutors were very pleased when the announcement was made in 2005 that the Stepping Stones Lighthouse would be protected under the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act and was officially added to the National Register of Historic Places.

The lighthouse is a piece of maritime history that was erected in 1876 however currently it is in a state of dilapidation. The foundation on which it sits is being eaten up by the tide, and has not seen any reinforcement in many years. This had led to rapid deterioration and a fear that the Stepping Stones Lighthouse through neglect may be left beyond repair. The town Of North Hempstead has in the last few years stepped up its efforts to repair the Stepping Stones lighthouse back to it’s former glory. This however will be a very expensive undertaking costs are estimated at approximately four million dollars. The large-scale plan involves multiple stages; one of the early ones will be securing the foundation. The lighthouse sits just north of Kings Point Village and is roughly one mile off the shoreline. According to North Hempstead tutors the town intends to build a pier so that the Stepping Stones Lighthouse can be reached from the land. Currently it is only accessible at high tide by boat. The Lighthouse will be set on top of a floating dock, which will keep the structure above sea level.

North Hempstead tutors are impressed by the focus and input from the community to preserve this extraordinary structure. The Stepping Stones Lighthouse is a Victorian Second Empire-style structure that has is steeped in history and they believe that it will be of great interest educationally to local students who will finally through the redevelopment have access to the structure. Multiple fundraisers have been undertaken to raise funds for the project and money has been coming in from a variety of different sources in order to get the project up and running. The Historical Society has independently raised thirty thousand dollars, they have a one hundred thousand dollar New York Assembly grant, and a one hundred thousand Great Neck Park District grant, and the town of North Hempstead has authorized the submission of a grant for two hundred thousand dollars in September 2017 following on from a previously secured sum of one hundred and sixty five thousand dollars from the National Park Service. Encouragingly the town officials have budgeted money out of their budget for the next five years with a total of over half a million being allocated towards the project. The town is also actively encouraging local fundraising to beef up the funds, one of the upcoming events is a 5K race beginning and ending in Steppingstone Park at Kings Point.

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