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    Serving Santa Clara & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Santa Clara

    Santa Clara is one of the top ten most densely populated cities in the San Francisco Bay area. It also is the home of the Levis’ stadium, which is where the San Francisco 49ers play their home games, and was where the 2015 Super Bowl 50 was held.

    Tony Morabito who according to Santa Clara tutors was a Santa Clara University alumnus founded the 49ers. Originally he had the idea for the NFL to extend to the west coast having seen the advancements in aviation technology, which would allow players to travel to play further afield. Morabito approached the NFL multiple times with his expansion program but the commissioner dismissed his ideas. As legend has it, moments afterwards defeated by the once again lackluster meeting with the NFL, Morabito and his partners went to the Chicago Tribune to meet with Arch Ward. Arch Ward (sports editor) was aware of the great success of the NFL, but instead of wishing to expand it saw the opportunity to create a rival league. Morabito agreed to partner with Arch Ward and form a franchise in San Francisco. Following on from this agreement, the All-America Football Conference (AAFC) was born and the first meeting was held in St. Louis, however their run was short lived, 5 years later its teams were absorbed into the NFL after all.

    The Levi’s stadium is named for Levi Strauss & Co, an all-American clothing company known the world over for its denim jeans. They bought the naming rights in 2013, two years before the “Super Bowl” was held. The 49ers had originally been hoping to erect their new stadium at Candlewick Point in San Francisco, where their previous home Candlestick Park was located. According to Santa Clara tutors the plans fell through during negotiations, and their focus then shifted to the proposed Santa Clara location, which was also conveniently close to the 49ers administrative offices. Work to build the stadium began following the necessary investments in April 2012.

    The stadium was ecstatic to host the “Super Bowl 50.” Leading up to this event Santa Clara benefitted from a great deal of investment into retail development in preparation for the thousand who would descend on Santa Clara for the “Big Game.” The stadium seating capacity is extensive and needed to be to be able to hold the 75,000 strong fans who showed up in force to support the “Carolina Panthers” and the “Denver Broncos” for the “Super Bowl 50.” Surprisingly however it was a rock concert that really stretched the stadium to its fullest, when 83,000 showed up for the “Fare Thee Well Tour” hosted by he iconic local American rock band “The Grateful Dead”.

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