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    Serving Solvang & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Solvang

    Originally, Danish immigrants settled in areas like Iowa, Nebraska, Utah, Illinois, South Dakota, and Minnesota. However, Danish immigrants soon began to look west, hoping to escape heavy, midwestern winters and to establish a dedicated Lutheran church and folk school. Leading in this endeavor, Benedict Nordentoft, Jens M. Gregersen, and Peder P. Hornsyld found suitable land in the Santa Ynez Valley and purchased nearly 9,000 acres of the Rancho San Carlos de Jonata Mexican land grant. Thus, Solvang, California, was founded.

    While the Danish-Americans that moved to and founded Solvang were mainly interested in establishing a Danish church and folk school, only the church remains today. The folk school was originally meant to be used to teach late teens how to lead full and significant lives through the teaching of varied topics. From folk dancing, singing, and lectures, students were taught within a wholly Danish atmosphere. Unfortunately, after World War I, the school became difficult to maintain and was eventually sold and later demolished. Though the folk school is gone, education remains an important part of life, and Solvang tutors understand that education and knowledge transcends time.

    Since its founding in 1911, the city has retained its distinctly Danish charm. The horse-drawn carriage tours of downtown Solvang, restaurants and pastry shops that continue to serve Danish specialties, and the Danish music and folk dancing continue to bring visitors all year long. Too, the wine industry has grown exponentially thanks in part to the 2004 movie Sideways featuring Paul Giamatti. From the half-timbered houses and Danish windmills to the statues of Hans Christian Andersen and the Little Mermaid replica, the Danish influence in Solvang is infamous and attracts over one million tourists each year.

    Solvang’s charm and old-country customs continue to be a draw for tourists, and one of the longest-standing traditions is its annual celebration, Danish Days.

    The festive tradition celebrates Solvang’s Danish history and culture with fun-filled, family-friendly activities, authentic food, music, folk dancing, parades, and live entertainment, all of which allows Solvang to live up its nickname, Little Denmark. For the last eight decades, Danish Days has drawn Solvang citizens and tourists alike—dressed in traditional costumes—to pile into the tiny city and commemorate the heritage of the Danish-Americans who settled in the area and built the city from the ground up.

    Solvang also has a Danish Maid, a young woman chosen to represent the hospitality and friendliness of the city. At one point, to be eligible, the woman had to be at least 21 years old and speak fluent Danish; the requirements have changed over the years but not the respect and importance the Danish Maid position encourages.

    It’s a point of great character that the city of Solvang goes to such lengths to honor and celebrate its roots and heritage, and like the city, Solvang tutoring is a great option for students looking for extra educational opportunities.

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