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    Serving Lompoc & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Lompoc

    A little white church with distinct architectural features, the Temple Baptist Church serves as a beautiful landmark in Lompoc, California.

    Near the coastline of the Pacific Ocean in Southern California, the city of Lompoc is located in Santa Barbara County, and is home to a unique culture and inviting small-town vibe. With noticeable growth in the early 2000s, Lompoc boasts a high quality of life for its residents. Nearby to Santa Barbara and other surrounding cities, Lompoc is a great place to live and an interesting place to visit.

    What’s in a name? The city of Lompoc has a long history that goes back even further than when the Spanish explorers arrived to the area in the late 1700s. The Chumash Native American people lived here, and that’s where the city gets its name. Lompoc is roughly translated to mean “lagoon”, interestingly enough. Though no part of Lompoc actually touches the coastline, nearby lagoons are probably where it got its name from members of the Chumash tribe. Today, Jalama Beach is a popular nearby beach that many Lompoc residents visit.

    Lompoc is famous for its annual Lompoc Valley Flower Festival, and the festival brings in tourists from around the state. Each summer, flower parades, a craft show, and other artistic installations take place in Lompoc. Local concerts and street fairs are held, and flowers abound. A local seed company, the Bodger Seed Company, planted a memorial garden for the infamous September 11th tragedy. The garden features flowers in an arrangement of a United States flag, and is a popular landmark in the area.

    Not far outside Lompoc, the Vandenberg Air Force Base provides many jobs to Lompoc residents. Currently the major source of the local economy, the Vandenberg Air Force Base also draws in a lot of local attention, as many residents of surrounding communities visit to watch shuttle launches throughout the year. Another local source of jobs is the local Lompoc Oil Field. Other than that, much of Lompoc is agricultural, and several local farms flourish here.

    Lompoc is proud to provide many high quality schools for its residents. Public elementary schools, public middle schools, and public high schools are all available to students in the area. Several private schools and charter schools are also available, giving local parents access to several great choices when it comes to education. A local community college, Allan Hancock College, is known for providing high quality classes for higher learning. For students of any level, local Lompoc tutors are available for extra help. These tutors meet one-on-one with each student, helping them reach their educational goals.

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