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    Serving Santa Ynez & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Santa Ynez

    Santa Ynez, California—along with Ballard, Buellton, Solvang, and Los Olivos— is one of the five towns that make up the Santa Ynez Valley. Though it is one-fifth of the Santa Ynez Valley, Santa Ynez doesn’t lack for charm or personality. It is the Valley’s namesake, after all.

    The vast lands in Santa Ynez called out to ranchers and farmers, alike, luring many different cultures and communities throughout its history. The Chumash predate the town, but in the 18th century, when the Spanish arrived, the Chumash tribe was long established. After the Spanish relinquished control to the Mexican government, Mexicans called the Valley home. Eventually, Americans found their way to Santa Ynez, with the Danish-Americans trailing behind.

    A self-proclaimed sophisticated cowboy town, the streets of Santa Ynez are lined with period-style false-front building facades which house saloons and feed stores, all inspired by the pioneering years of old. This commitment to the Old West may seem odd, but the rich history of Santa Ynez is guarded, celebrated, and appreciated by its citizens. In fact, that’s the mission of the beloved Santa Ynez Valley Historical Society Museum and Parks-Janeway Carriage House.

    The Museum was opened in 1961 by a group of citizens dedicated to the preservation of the town’s history for posterity and for the enjoyment and edification of generations to come. Over the last few decades, the Museum has grown exponentially. What was once a two-room building has become an attractive series of rooms featuring memorabilia, artifacts, period costumes, and books. The Santa Ynez Valley Historical Society Museum houses interesting exhibits throughout the year, including the Native American Room, Pioneer Room, and the Ellen Gleason Library. A great atmosphere, no doubt, for Santa Ynez tutors to inspire students who are struggling in school or for those who require an extra challenge.

    Across the street from the Museum—and adjacent to the old jail—is the Parks-Janeway Carriage House, which is renowned as the nation’s finest collection of carriages. The Carriage House has an impressive display of wagons, carts, and stagecoaches, as well as a staggering array of saddlery.

    Santa Ynez truly respects its rich equine history, especially that of the California Vaquero, colloquially known as the cowboy. Their eclectic horsemanship, developed during the Spanish/Mexican period of Santa Ynez, is unique to them, but the Vaquero is a diminishing sect; therefore, every year, Santa Ynez hosts the Vaquero Show and Sale to promote and celebrate the craftsmanship of the few remaining artisans who are dutifully faithful to the Vaquero culture. Being a student doesn’t stop when school does, as is seen with those who continue to study and maintain the Vaquero craftsmanship, so hire Santa Ynez tutors to preserve the habit of learning.

    In order to retain culture and the identity of a place, it is important to be abreast of its history. Santa Ynez does a remarkable job of nodding at its culture and historical roots while embracing the change the future continuously and inevitably brings.

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