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    Serving Olathe & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Olathe

    Along the eastern border of the state of Kansas you will find the city of Olathe, which happens to be the fourth largest city within the entire state of Kansas. This big city is located within the Kansas City Metropolitan Area, and families love living in this area. Olathe provides residents access to a wide variety of amenities, and anything they can’t get within Olathe they can surely find just minutes away in Kansas City, which is north east of Olathe.

    What kind of name is Olathe? You may think that the name Olathe must surely be a family name, but you will be surprised and intrigued to find out its origin. The original settler, Dr. John T Barton, came upon this land in the mid 1800s. When he arrived, it was springtime in Kansas, and everything was in bloom. He remarked on how beautiful this land was, and asked a local Shawnee language translator what the equivalent Shawnee word would be to “beautiful”. The Shawnee speaker gave the translation of “Olathe”.

    You may have heard of the term “Bleeding Kansas” and not known exactly what it referred to. Olathe is part of the history that makes up “Bleeding Kansas”, as many pro-slavery groups performed violent acts in this area during the mid to late 1800s. These violent bouts of conflict became known as Bleeding Kansas, and consisted of pro-slavery groups fighting against abolitionists in the area. In the early 1860s, Kansas was named a “free state”, and as a result, this Bleeding Kansas violence became less of a problem, though problems related to the Civil War continued for years to come.

    As one of the settlements and staging areas along the Oregon Trail and other famous trails westward, Olathe saw a lot of travelers passing through, which helped to create a very healthy local economy. Local businesses and outlets in Olathe did very well during this time. Today, tourists in Olathe can enjoy a wide variety of local history, from Wild West displays to Civil War Reenactments.

    Families that live in Olathe love that even though it has become a large city, it still has quite a bit of small town charm. Despite modern growth and luxuries of today, there are still parts of Olathe that reflect that sleepy prairie town that it once was. Served by four school districts, the families that put their children into the local public schools feel that they have a large selection of educational resources available to them. With a number of private schools available as well, there really is something for everyone looking for a high quality education. For students that need a little extra one-on-one help, local tutors in Olathe are available to help local kids achieve their educational goals.

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