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Serving Lower East Side & All Surrounding Areas

BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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About Lower East Side

From the original site of the New York garment industry to a gritty, multicultural hotspot for night life: that’s the transition that has occurred in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York. The neighborhood started out as a working-class neighborhood for immigrants living in crowded tenements, but in the mid-2000s, gentrification began in earnest. Upscale boutiques, hip restaurants, luxury condominiums, and unique bars have moved in over time, steadily elevating Lower East Side’s reputation to “trendy.”

Although the Lower East Side has seen many changes, one landmark has remained constant: the Williamsburg Bridge. The bridge begins smack dab in the middle of the Lower East Side and leads away from it, traversing the East River until it reaches Brooklyn.

The bridge
The suspension bridge is one of only four crossings between Manhattan and Long Island. The Williamsburg Bridge was built second of the four. Construction began in 1896, and the bridge opened in 1903. At the time, the 1,600-foot bridge was the longest suspension bridge span in the world, and it held that record until 1924. Initially designed for horse and carriage, trolleys, and pedestrians, travel by automobile became primary in the 1920s, so trolley tracks were replaced with roadways.

Maintenance woes
By 1988, the bridge was showing its age and an unfortunate lack of maintenance. Chunks of concrete were falling into the river below, and 200 of the cables had snapped. The effects of harsh weather and increased traffic volumes were obvious—and concerning. The decision was made to repair the bridge while keeping it open—an ambitious plan. Repairs were made all throughout the 1990s and 2000s. Among other projects, the south and north roadways were reconstructed, the main cables were rehabilitated, and all bridge supports, roadways, walkways, and subway tracks were rebuilt. Handicapped access and a pedestrian bridge were also added.

New Yorkers celebrated the 100th anniversary of the bridge in 2003, complete with a truck-sized birthday cake baked by Domino Sugar, which had a factory near the bridge. City officials marched across the bridge carrying a forty-five-star American flag that had been used by workers to play capture the flag after the final cable had been placed in 1902. There were musicians performing and exhibits on the bridge’s history, along with food vendors.

The successful repairs on the Williamsburg Bridge extended the bridge’s lifespan for another 100 years. Over 500 people had contributed 1.5 million hours of labor, ensuring future generations would be able to enjoy this major and historic crossing.

The bridge is a symbol of the growth and change within the Lower East Side. With the assistance of a Lower East Side tutor, students can piece together the history of the area in parallel with the life of the bridge. Engaging the services of a Lower East Side tutor is a great way to help make history interesting and relevant for local students.

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