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    Serving Grass Valley & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Grass Valley

    Grass Valley is a quiet town in Northern California with historic buildings and tree-lined streets. On the outskirts of Grass Valley, however, is Animal Place—an animal rescue sanctuary founded in the late 1980s by Kim Sturla and Ned Buyukmihci. Animal Place houses some special residents, including cows, pigs, chicken, sheep, goats, rabbits, and turkeys. Over two hundred animals enjoy medical care and habitat maintenance at Animal Place, thanks to the dedicated efforts of Kim and Ned, as well as volunteers.

    Animal Place focuses on farm rescues, so elephants, panthers, and other exotic animals are nowhere to be found. The 600-acre sanctuary in Grass Valley offers guided and self-guided tours of the property where hundreds of animals are permanently housed. Unlike other animal sanctuaries, Animal Place is open to the public. Their other sanctuary in Vacaville, however, is closed to public access.

    Many of the animals that arrive at Animal Place are rescued from labs, industrial farms, slaughterhouses, and are often abused and neglected well before they come to Kim and Ned. It is up to them to rehabilitate these creatures and provide them with a quality of life that is a fair reflection of their natural habitats. Domestic animals are often overlooked as in need of care and protection, but Animal Place goes out of its way to provide for the needs of each of their residents. They promote a vegan lifestyle as well, which demonstrates true commitment to their cause.

    Ned and Kim encourage animal adoption, and Animal Place is a recognized 501c3 organization. Charity for the overlooked and friendless is especially admirable, and Grass Valley provides a special place for that charity to flourish.

    Animal Place is special for a variety of reasons, but one in particular is that Ned and Kim take in domesticated animals that we normally associate with food sources. They are common in the United States, but just because they are common doesn’t make them any less worthy of protection and care. Chickens and pigs are just as deserving of sanctuary as exotic animals that are rescued from circuses and fairs. Likewise, tutors in Grass Valley recognize that all students are worthy of help and success. If a student has a need for academic help, a tutor will be there to ensure their improvement and work with them carefully. No matter the subject, current grade, or age, tutors in Grass Valley are as invested in their clients as Ned and Kim are in their rescues residing in the sanctuary.

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