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    Serving Cibolo & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Cibolo

    A city in south central Texas, Cibolo is a quickly growing city within the San Antonio metropolitan area. Providing a high quality of life to its residents, Cibolo has experienced a noticeably large amount of growth in recent years. With many well-maintained community amenities, including three large city parks, families love living in Cibolo and feel safe raising a family here.

    Before white men arrived to the area in Texas where Cibolo is today, Native American tribes were here. That is actually where Cibolo got its name, as “Cibolo” is roughly translated as “buffalo” from a Comanche language. The Comanche people, along with several other tribes, lived in this area, and they lived here undisturbed until the railroad arrived to the region. The railroad passed through where Cibolo rests today, connecting the bigger cities of Texas together.

    The modern day city of Cibolo did not exist until the mid 1900s. It became a suburban city, and a place where many people moved to escape bigger city life from San Antonio and Houston. It was more peaceful here, and yet they weren’t so far from big city amenities. This primarily residential town serves as a great place to live, while commuting to San Antonio.

    Cibolo’s city motto, “City of Choice”, speaks to the fact that residents love living here. It’s a place where families choose to live and settle down. With a high quality of life, the population continues to grow, as more and more Texans prefer a smaller city to a larger city like San Antonio. The low crime rate and overall feeling of safety make Cibolo an attractive place to raise a family.

    A wonderful resource to Cibolo residents, the Schertz Public Library is a high quality educational facility within the city limits. Educational resources at the library include a large collection of books, an online catalog, tutoring programs, after school programs, educational classes, and community meetings. Specialized community clubs, like the Quilting Club, Coloring Club, and Lego Club, also meet at Schertz Public Library.

    Boasting three large public parks, the city of Cibolo is home to Niemietz Park, Al Rich Park, and Veterans’ Memorial Park. A wide variety of amenities are available at these parks, and each park has something different to offer. Residents of Cibolo enjoy the high quality facilities, and pride themselves on the maintenance of these public properties. Athletic fields, barbeque areas, picnicking tables, playground equipment, and nature trails are popular features.

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