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    Serving Pittsfield & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Pittsfield

    Pittsfield Township dates back to 1872, and like many communities in southeast Michigan, it was established and inhabited by immigrants moving out west. Many of those immigrants built up small family run farms; a tradition that is quickly going extinct in the U.S. Pittsfield is no stranger to the way that communities have moved away from the old way of life. In an effort to remember its roots, Pittsfield has taken a piece of one of the oldest farms in the community, the Sutherland-Wilson Farm and preserved it as a historical site and museum.

    Longford Sutherland moved to Pittsfield Township in 1832, with his wife and two kids. It would be the spot that he raised his eight children, with six more born in Pittsfield, and started the family farm. Six generations would live on the farm before most of the land was sold off and the remaining few acres donated to the township to be preserved as a part of early American history. The Wilson portion of the Sutherland-Wilson Farm came when Longford’s only great grandchild Mildred Sutherland married Arthur Wilson. It was their children and grandchildren that inherited the farm and lived there until the land was donated. One of the reasons that the township was so interested in preserving the farm, is that the farmhouse itself is one of the best Greek Revival architectural style buildings that still exists today. In fact, many of the features in the interior of the house are original. This includes a cherry wood staircase, columned parlor, and chandeliers that were originally fueled by kerosene. The main house saw such little change that plumbing and electricity were not even installed until 1958. This architectural style was prevalent at the time the house was built and is indicative of the culture and technology of the time. Preserving an entire authentic building is important to a community that wants to keep its rich heritage alive.

    Another interesting feature of the house, is a small door that opens up into a crawl space between the walls. The door is located in one of the second story bedrooms, and was covered up by a piece of furniture. It is believed to have been a hiding place for escaped slaves. This hiding spot would have been used when authorities searched the house for escaped slaves, making this house a possible stop on the Underground Railroad. In this part of the country, escaped slaves were not simply moving north, (since Michigan is one of the northern most states) these escapees were hoping to make it all the way to Canada. These stories further the importance of the farm’s heritage, and add to the list of reasons that the Sutherland-Wilson Farm is being preserved.

    Pittsfield tutors want every student to understand their history, as they look to the future. Pittsfield tutors understand that a bright future starts with a good education and want to help every student be successful in school.

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