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    Serving Hampton & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Hampton

    Hampton, Virginia is a city deeply rooted in American history. Founded in 1610, Hampton is the oldest English settlement in the U.S. that has been continuously occupied. Because of this, Hampton is home to many of America’s firsts. Hampton was the first community in America to offer free public education; and was presumably where the first tutors, tutored the first American public school students. Hampton was the first place NASA trained its astronauts; and was also home to some of the first ports and settlements in early colonial history.

    One of those original spots in Hampton, Virginia is Point Comfort. Point Comfort was initially discovered by the Jamestown settlers of 1607. After rowing into the channel, they felt that they were, “in good comfort,” according to old records, and named the area Cape Comfort. After that, Point Comfort became a landmark that helped define the boundaries of the colony of Virginia. Several buildings and historical landmarks were built in Point Comfort, and many played an important role in American history.

    In 1609, English settlers built Fort Algernon, as fortification for Point Comfort. The building was large enough for fifty men and seven mounted cannons. Years later, Fort Monroe would be built and served as a much stronger and more substantial facility. Fort Monroe was made entirely out of stone and took fifteen years to build. It was finally completed and ready for use in 1834.

    During the Civil War, Fort Monroe was under Union control, despite being in a Confederate state. On May 23, 1861, three escaped Virginia slaves rowed a small boat across the Harbor to Fort Monroe. When the slaves arrived, they asked for asylum. Their hope was that because Fort Monroe was Union and because it was protected by soldiers, they would find freedom and safety there. As soon as Confederate officers became aware that slaves had fled to Fort Monroe, they requested them back under the Fugitive Slave Act. Instead, Post commander Major General Benjamin Butler, refused to return them, claiming they were, “contraband of war.” This decision helped bring the issue of slavery to the top of the list of issues fueling the Civil War. Soon after, news spread that Fort Monroe accepted escaped slaves and offered them protection. By the end of the war, more than ten thousand former slaves took asylum at Fort Monroe, and it had earned the nickname, “Freedom’s Fortress.” Once the war ended, many of the freed slaves stayed in the area, helping to rebuild Hampton and start their own businesses. Today, Fort Monroe is known for being the largest stone fort in the U.S. and is a National Monument.

    Hampton tutors want to help students build a strong foundation through education. If your student is struggling in school, a Hampton tutor can help. Every student deserves the chance to do well in school.

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