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Serving Norwood & All Surrounding Areas

BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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About Norwood

Evidence of Native American settlements is especially prominent in the Cincinnati and Norwood regions. The city of Norwood takes great pride in their Native American heritage. From naming their high school mascot the Indians to their nearby Cincinnati Art Museum which centers around Native American artifacts found by early Norwood settlers. Norwood is known to be home to the earliest humans who settled in the region. A Pre-Columbian era group of Adena people was the first to leave their mark in Norwood. A prehistoric earthwork mound built by the Adena peoples is registered on the list of National Register of Historic Places. This specific mound has never been excavated by archaeologists but Norwood settlers gathered many artifacts from the area in the early 1800s. It is believed the mound was constructed at this area in Norwood because it is the highest elevation in the city.

The Native Americans who called Norwood and Cincinnati home would find themselves being forced out of the region with the arrival of new settlers. A permanent settlement was made in 1788, which was today’s Cincinnati. Troops were then led through the region in 1793 by General “Mad Anthony” Wayne. From Fort Washington to Cincinnati, troops made advancements against a tribe of Native Americans camped nearby. It is believed by archeologists, the troops moved in a direction which widened an old Native American trail. Their trail went through today's Norwood and present-day Smith Road, Montgomery Road, and Carthage Avenue. What is thought to be proof of the troops, 66 years later, Norwood pioneer Joseph Langdon claimed to finding a bullet buried in the heart of an oak tree on his property. General Wayne went on to claim victory over the natives at the Battle of Fallen Timbers, ending the Northwest Indian War. Gates were then opened for more pioneers to settle Norwood and its surrounding regions. In 1795, an official road was built along present-day Montgomery Road. This allowed new pioneers to travel from Cincinnati to Montgomery, Ohio. Less than ten years later, Samuel Bowman purchased land where he would establish a tavern and coach stop for travelers.

Bowman was not the only one to begin building in Norwood. John Sharp soon joined Bowman by building a cabin and small country store. Soon houses were built and a community was named Sharpsburg, after Sharp himself. In the late 1800s, the railway laid its tracks through Norwood. It wasn’t until 1882 when the southern section opened which provided service from Norwood to downtown Cincinnati that the city experienced rapid growth. Residents were able to make a 20-minute commute to downtown for work in comfort. This railway was an important piece in the growth of Norwood and the cities that surrounded it. The city grew but still keep great pride in their humble native beginnings.

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