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    Serving Pflugerville & All Surrounding Areas

    BBB gives our tutoring services an A+

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    About Pflugerville

    The suburban city of Pflugerville is located outside the city of Austin, deep in the heart of Texas. With a country-loving vibe and a rich history, the unique culture of Pflugerville is attractive to both permanent residents and tourists alike.

    Pflugerville's history is very interesting and unique. What started off as a small purchase of land by a German immigrant in the early 1800s, soon developed into a tiny farming community north of the Colorado River. The rich, fertile land was perfect for agriculture, and the land was also ideal for raising cattle. After the arrival of the railroad, the population experienced a sizable growth, nearly doubling the amount of residents in Pflugerville. Now that it was easier to get here and easier to ship to and from, Pflugerville was more accessible, and therefore, more desirable.

    The Great Depression took a large toll on the city of Pflugerville, affectively stunting its growth and causing many residents to move away to larger cities in search of work. World War II continued the downward trend for Pflugerville, and this period of time saw the size of the town shrink considerably. When times got better in the late 1900s, the population once again began to steadily grow, and new neighborhoods were developed in Pflugerville. More families came to the area, in part because of its convenient location near Austin, Texas's capital city. Many residents of Pflugerville work in Austin, as the commute is very easy, and living in Pflugerville provides them with a slower, more "small-town Texas" way of life.

    Because of the German name and spelling of Pflugerville, the town has become known for its many spelling puns. Pronounced with a "f" sound (the "p" being silent"), most words that normally would start with "f" are spelled with a "pf". For example, "Pflugerville Pfestivals" instead of "Pflugerville Festivals" and "Pflugerville Pfun" instead of "Pflugerville Fun". The residents have a lighthearted approach to the unique name of their town in Texas.

    Speaking of "Pflugerville Pfestivals", residents of Pflugerville love all of the fun, family friendly events that are available to them throughout the year. When springtime comes around, the Pflugerville Spring Pfling is a highly anticipated city-wide event. At the Spring Pfling, the city's recreation department highlights all of the fun local programs available to residents of Pflugerville. Another fun event in the first part of the year is the Deutschen Pfest celebrates the German heritage of the founders of Pflugerville. Fun food, games, live music, and other city traditions take place at the Deutschen Pfest, which has been going on for over forty years.

    The Pflugerville Independent School District serves the city of Pflugerville, providing many high quality public school options for elementary through high school students. Private schools and charter schools are also available to students in the area, and parents appreciate being able to choose the option that is right for their children. For any students that need more after school help, local Pflugerville tutors are available. These local tutors meet one-on-one with local students to help them achieve their educational goals.

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